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At Waves Yoga Studio, we are proud to offer the highest quality yoga instruction with a group of diverse and highly trained instructors. Our teachers have all received rigorous training and are registered with the Yoga Alliance. Their combined expertise from around the country includes knowledge in Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal, and experience working with a variety of age and ability levels.

Meet Our Teachers


Hi! My name is Ariane and I’m the proud owner of Waves. A bit about me: I started my business because I wanted to share my passion for yoga with the world. I was introduced to yoga when I was struggling with an eating disorder at the age of 13. I continued to practice yoga throughout my teenage years, officially getting certified when I was 17 years old. Yoga has helped me with almost every aspect of my life, from deep breathing exercises for my asthma to remaining calm during those really stressful days. It also taught me that I am worth spending time on. I began to care about my own self-growth and becoming a better, more peaceful human every day. I strive to provide a balance of guidance and space so that students can grow and have discoveries on their own. Come to my classes ready to move, breathe, SWEAT, and laugh a little bit, too.



Hello! My name is Pete. Yoga is a happening that showed up in my life when tired old habits fell away. The transformation that ensued is nothing short of extraordinary. It quickly became apparent that if yoga could do this for me, I had to share it. My classes are primarily vinyasa flow style practices. Syncing breathe with movement, effort with ease. Leading the practitioner to a state of balance and a greater sense of well-being. Outside of yoga you'll find me laced up running some miles, along the lakefront peddling my bike, or pulled up with a good book.



Hi! My name is Maren, and I am delighted to be leading yoga classes at Waves! It has been a dream of mine to become a certified yoga instructor and lead classes. I currently work for the Two Rivers School District as a Program Support Teacher and Coach. Within my role as a coach, I lead mindfulness and yoga classes for both students and staff. I received my yoga teacher certification through Breathe for Change - a training specifically designed for school teachers and leaders and completed in Spring of 2021. I look forward to continuing my learning, leading classes, and partnering with you in your yoga journey!



Hey! My name is Kate. I'm formally trained in the ashtanga and vinyasa flow systems. I have been teaching since 2013 with a strong understanding of human anatomy and alignment. My mission is to provide a safe and relaxing environment for all students while integrating the physical practice of yoga with the philosophical traditions of deeper self-inquiry.



Hi! My name is Erin. I started practicing yoga as a teenager to increase flexibility, then got certified as a yoga and pilates teacher as a student at the University of Wisconsin. Now, as a mom and grown-up, I commit to yoga in order to not lose myself in the responsibilities of my life. My classes are a fusion of vinyasa, pilates, and meditation designed to meet you exactly where you are. When I’m not teaching, I’m playing barbies with Grace and Elle.



Hi, I’m Jessica! I’m a 200RYT and a certified Yin Yoga teacher. I’ve been practicing since 1999, teaching since 2020, and enjoy all styles of yoga. My classes are quiet and meditative with an emphasis on the use of props to meet the needs of each unique student. In addition to yoga, I enjoy traveling, reading, knitting, and cooking.



Hi! My name is Hayley Wilhelmi. I received my RYT 200 HR in July of 2023 from Soleil Lune Yoga Center after practicing yoga on my own for about 2 years. I found Waves in May of 2022, and it quickly became home to me. I was blessed with the greatest community a person could ever want. Yoga has always been a source of comfort to me over the years no matter how difficult life can get. In both the worst and best parts of my life, I have found myself on my mat, grateful for this beautiful outlet that gave me back myself again. Yoga is a transformative practice both physically and emotionally, and I love that Waves stays true to what I call “real yoga”. See you on your mat!



Hi! My name is Lauren, and I’m proud to be part of the team at Waves. I have been practicing yoga on and off for over 12 years. Yoga just kept showing up in my life. Last time, it showed up in a big way when I felt called to study yoga and become a teacher. My focus is Vinyasa Flow. I take this beautiful opportunity to move others to connect fully with themselves and the present moment. Find me at the beach (any time of year) out exploring trails, or with my nose in a book or plant. Hope to see you soon on the mat!


Experience the Transformation Waves Provides with:

Unlimited Yoga

Our mission is to meet you exactly where you are. Whether you are brand new to yoga or you’ve been practicing for years, our classes will challenge you both mentally and physically—and offer you tools to take yoga into your everyday human experience. Inside our Unlimited Yoga Membership, you will get:

  • Access to 30+ Yoga Classes Weekly

  • Join Manitowoc's only Hot Yoga Studio

  • Extensively Trained Teachers

  • Get Discounts on Workshops & Events

  • 10% Off Our In Studio Boutique

  • Cold Lavender Towels in Savasana

  • Unlimited Access to Our Showers

  • Enjoy Yoga on the Beach in the Summer

  • Access to an Easy-to-Book App

  • Monthly Yoga Community Challenges

  • Complimentary Mat & Towel Rentals

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